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Pro- christ!

I am getting tired of people refering me to me as the anti-christ. I am not ANTI- Christ. We are buds! I love the man, I love his dad, occasionally I love his Mom (just joking, JC) but i would not say i am an anti-christ kinda guy.

False Idols!! People are gonna accuse me of being a false idol!!! When fucking Americans choose to idolize fuckers like Ruben Staddard who can not be on stage for 3 minutes without needing a beach towel to drench up the sweat. And if i am such a commandment breaking false idol then why is it that i am chillin in a luxary suite here in paradise? Can you critical bitches answer that for me. That's right. Now that i am dead i can say, i was right, you were wrong, I am the coolest and you bitches suck!

Go ahead, call me immature, when you can't admit you were wrong about me!
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