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Yesterday there were some children right around the gate of heaven selling lemonade. A cute little boy and girl that had died tragically in a car crash several years back selling pink lemonade from a painted upsidedown cardboard box.

I was slightly amused, so i searched through my robe for a gold peice, and found one. I payed for a small cup of pink lemonade, thinking it was a bit small for the price, but i payed all the same, figuring they were kids and all.

I took a sip of lemonade and it was horrible. The kids had put way way too much sugar in it.

I spit it in their fucking faces! Those little BITCHEZ! How FUCKING dare they!! I flipped the sorry excuse for a cardboard table over and spilled the pink crap all over then front of their MOTHERFUCKING clothes! FUCK YOU, FUCKING KIDS!!!!
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