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capt_fantastic is a big mean BITCH! This is what he wrote in my journal and then deleated it. He hurt my feelings. :(

Written by capt_fantastic:
I've banned you from making comments in my journal.
You no longer appear on my friend-of list.
And while I find the content of your journal appalling, it is, after all, your journal. I do not understand why you randomly decided to list me, but I am no friend of yours.
You've had your fun, now please, leave my name out of any part of your journal from now on.

Back to what i am saying: Your mean. I don't like you. It is my journal and noone made you read it and no one made you post means things. I am talking to Jesus about it, so your in trouble, you bitch!
Your not fantastic at all, ASSHOLE!
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