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I'm Smiling.

I had a busy weekend. JC was riding me all day Saturday for my opioion on everyhthing, you know it is so valuable. Then Saturday night we got wasted and I passed out on the steps of my bungelow. Sunday morning i woke up, showered, and i was lounging aroung in my brown flannel robe and my fuzzy slippers tring to get ahold of Jesus so he could do something about my headache when i jumped online for a sec.

I checked my LJ. The last post I made about that mean jerk capt_fantastic had gotten several responces. I didn't have the time to reply to them all, but I just wanted everyone to know, I am glad you homies have my back. That BITCH may not be a friend of mine, but I am sure as hell happy i have them. You make me smile. Thanks friends. If you ever need my help i got yo back, to. Anything that is in my power. And as I said, i am pretty fucking influencial.

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