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Hey, again, my peoplez.

I think Mother Teresa is stalking me.

She is always lerking behind me and giggling. Latly i have been coming across post it notes with unrecognizable chicken scrawl surrounded with unevenly drawn hearts tacked onto everything. And everytime i find one i hear that hoarse giggle right around the corner. I have started pulling them down and stomping on them. Not just stomping, i am jumping up and down, i almost tripped on my robe the last time i did it.

I stomped the notes just now and then pretended to leave the and next thing i know that crazy bitch shuffled into site and cradled the post it notes and shuffled away, carring them like they were a small baby.

Shit, I can see her through the window sticking more yellow notes on my mailbox. "I can see you, you crazy bitch, go the fuck away!" I need to train Franky to attack her. If i hear that giggle one more time, i may go insane.
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i don't mean to be mean but who are you were you from tell me about yourself if you are going to be on my friends list i must know who you are
Doy, he's the pope.

Who doesn't know that?
former pope, actually, but i agree. I think my journal makes that all very obvious.
Mother Teresa needs to learn that if you're going to be a nun during your life, that means that your vow of chastity follows you beyond the grave.

Besides, you could do much better than her.

If Marilyn Monroe is up in heaven you should go after her. :P
Shit, chastity vows are hardly worth a damn on earth, you think that shit follows you up to heaven? No fucking way.

It is more a vow of no one wants to fuck that nasty cunt.

And btw- had her, and marilyn was fantastic. Jealous much?
Of course I'm jealous if you got with Marilyn. She's hot.

Kill her, even though you're in heaven and she will just come back, it could be like that episode of South Park where Sadam and Satan's gay boyfriend keep killing each other for Satan.
Kill her? WTF?

God frowns on that shit. You forget that episode was in hell, not heaven. I am working on training Franky, though. My wittle attack puppy wuppy!
Just sit the bitch down and be like, "Alright listen, you've been with that sleezebag holy spirit and I know it so I don't feel like catching anything, Tay?"


May 13 2005, 13:24:45 UTC 11 years ago

John Paul II on fast track to sainthood Times congrats
hey guess what?

-you aren't funny.
-you are less mature than my 13 year old brother.
-you have too much free time.
-take me off your friend list.
-did i mention you aren't funny?

i'm praying for you.
Hey guess what?

-this is no joke, this mother teresa thing is serious, you try being stalked by the bitch and see how funny you think it is, mother fucker
-i have lightened up a bit since death. Thanks though, always tring to stay hip to the young peoplez
-I have all the time in the afterworld, it is true.
-no way, jose
-mentioned it, and did i mention...

And your prayers.

and do you have anything actually important to say?
Yes. I do.
How dare she argue with the former Pope? My my.