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A word from the pope....

Word, Dogg!

John Paul
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I am the former Pope, John Paul 2.

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Mass is love

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jesus_thesavior is love

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lordganesh is a fucking fatass elephant stay in india where you belong BITCH!

I have been excommunicated (on LJ, not real life) from
What the Hell? How more catholic can i freaking get!!!!!!!
I need to start an absolute_pope community and ban those fuckers!!!!!
Some people got it and others are just jealous. These fuckers even deleated my application, the stupid cunts.
I was banned by that pussy cuntface moron im_so_rad_. You're not rad, you dumb bitch mother fucker. FUCK YOU, BITCH!

It turns out I am....

join ______theSHIT
Was there ever a doubt?

I have excommunicated (in real life, not LJ):
kristafin You're a cunt- how's that for my opinion....
capt_fantastic You WHORE.
im_so_rad_ No, she really isn't.
Have fun in hell, BITCHEZ!