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Hey, again, my peoplez.

I think Mother Teresa is stalking me.

She is always lerking behind me and giggling. Latly i have been coming across post it notes with unrecognizable chicken scrawl surrounded with unevenly drawn hearts tacked onto everything. And everytime i find one i hear that hoarse giggle right around the corner. I have started pulling them down and stomping on them. Not just stomping, i am jumping up and down, i almost tripped on my robe the last time i did it.

I stomped the notes just now and then pretended to leave the and next thing i know that crazy bitch shuffled into site and cradled the post it notes and shuffled away, carring them like they were a small baby.

Shit, I can see her through the window sticking more yellow notes on my mailbox. "I can see you, you crazy bitch, go the fuck away!" I need to train Franky to attack her. If i hear that giggle one more time, i may go insane.
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